Sophaneth HENG

B.Ed, M.Ed (Masters of Special Education)

”As your baby’s first teacher, you can help his or her learning and brain development. Try these simple tips and activities in a safe way. Talk with your baby’s doctor and teachers if you have questions or for more ideas on how to help your baby’s development.”

Important Milestones: Your Baby By Six Months

  1. Use “back and forth” play with your baby. When your baby smiles, you smile; when he makes sounds, you copy them. This helps him learn to be social.
  2. “Read” to your baby every day by looking at colorful pictures in magazines or books and talk about them. Respond to her when she babbles and “reads” too. For example, if she makes sounds, say “Yes, that’s the doggy!”
  3. Point out new things to your baby and name them. For example, when on a walk, point out cars, trees, and animals.

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