Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services

OrbRom Center aims to serve the diverse academic, physical, social, and emotional needs of our students. All aspects of our organization’s curriculum and activities offer tailored programs, designed to assist individual learning styles to achieve success.

Services Session time Price Opening hours
Special Needs Intensive Intervention (one-on-one) 1.5 hours 50$ Mon to Fri from 3.30 PM to 6.30 PM
Social Club 4 hours 50$ Saturday from 8 AM to 12 PM
Consultation & Diagnosis
Initial Consultation – Pre referral (FREE)
Optional: Clinical Developmental Assessment – Diagnosis

Please visit Orbrom Centre for a Free Initial Consultation

Address: Borey Peng Huoth Boeung Snor, Streets P10 The Star Platinum Polaris, House 60

Phone/Telegram: 077.455.993

Price $50/1.5 hours (Monday to Friday from 3.30 PM to 6.30 PM)

Autism-Focused Intervention:

  • Social Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Behavior
  • ADL (Activities of Daily Living)
  • Motor Skills

Dyscalculia- Focused Intervention:

  • Early Numeracy Skills
  • Developing Number Skills
  • Calculating
  • Shape, space and measurement

Dysgraphia- Focused Intervention:

  • Imitating simple block design
  • Copies letters and signs
  • Prints letters on the paper
  • Prints numbers on the paper
  • Draw a person
  • Punctuation and Capitalization
  • Letter reversal
  • Poor spacing

Dyspraxia- Focused Intervention:

  • Pencil Grasp
  • Paper Position
  • Fine Motor Skills Coordination
  • Sitting posture
  • -Visual-Spatial
  • Scissor Skills

Dyslexia- Focused Intervention (reading and spelling problems):

  • Phonic Awareness and Phonics
  • Basic reading & Spelling
  • Reading fluency
  • Reading comprehension

ADHD- Focused Interventions:

  • Nutrition
  • Daily routine
  • Organizational skill
  • Behavior
  • Self-regulation
  • Monitoring