Numeracy is the ability to understand, reason with, and to apply simple numerical concepts. It is the ability to use mathematics in daily life, at home, work or school. Numeracy doesn’t mean complex skills, like algebra, it means being confident enough to use basic maths in real-life situations.

There is no universally agreed definition of numeracy, but it is generally understood to include the following skills:

  • Understanding and using numbers
  • Solving problems using numbers
  • Making sense of data and statistics
  • Communicating mathematically
  • Being confident with numbers

Numeracy is important for everyone, regardless of their age, occupation, or educational level. It is essential for everyday tasks such as budgeting, shopping, and cooking. It is also important for more complex tasks such as managing finances, making investments, and understanding scientific and medical information.

Numeracy can be improved through education, practice, and support. There are many resources available to help people improve their numeracy skills, including books, websites, and online courses.

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If you are concerned about your child’s development, contact us for Assessments: Phone/Telegram: 077.455.993 – Telegram Link:

If you are concerned about your child’s development, contact us for Assessments.

Phone/Telegram: 077.455.993 Link: