Scissors are a common tool that most people use on a daily basis. However, for students with special needs, using scissors can be a challenge. This is because they may have difficulty with fine motor skills, hand strength, or coordination. As a result, they may struggle to grip the scissors properly, open and close them, or cut accurately.

There are a variety of special scissors available that can make it easier for students with special needs to use scissors. These scissors are designed with features that make them easier to grip, open, and close. Some of the features that make scissors adaptive include:

  • Large, easy-grip handles. These handles are designed to be easier to hold for students with small hands or weak grip strength.
  • Self-opening scissors. These scissors open automatically when the handles are squeezed, so students don’t have to exert as much force to open them.
  • Spring-loaded scissors. These scissors have a spring that helps to open and close them, making them easier to use for students with limited hand strength.
  • Loop scissors. These scissors have loops that are attached to the handles, which students can wrap their fingers around for a better grip.

Loop scissors are a type of scissors that have a looped handle instead of the traditional finger holes. This makes them easier to grip for people with small hands, weak hands, or coordination problems. The loop also allows the middle, ring, and little fingers to be used, which gives increased strength and control for the cutting action.

Special scissors can make a big difference in the lives of students with special needs. By choosing the right pair of scissors, students can be more successful in activities that require cutting, such as art class, crafts, and sewing.

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If you are concerned about your child’s development, contact us for Assessments.

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